Buying real estate investment property is one of the best ways to invest your money, period. Not only can you borrow the financing required to purchase income property (leveraging debt and inflation), but you can rent it out to tenants in order to pay for your mortgage while ultimately earning the rights to a free and clear ownership title once all is said and done. This has been proven time and again throughout American financial history and is echoed by the philosophies of investment experts such as Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and Warren Buffet. Lucky for you, Jason Hartman now offers you free investment advice and affordable guidance on the real estate deal of your dreams!

1. Atlanta the only way to describe the Atlanta real estate market is “insatiable.” When it comes to American cities, Atlanta is a story for the history books. First founded as a railroad hub of the southern states, it refuses to stop growing at an exponential pace while attracting dozens of corporate headquarters. It’s population continues to grow by the millions while the number of transplant professionals looking for rental homes surges by the week. Get your hands on an Atlanta income property today!

2. Dallas not only home to all kinds of cowboys, Dallas is continuously rated as one of the best cities in America for business and real estate by Forbes and all kinds of business journals. Their market-friendly approach, favorable tax climate, proximity to freeways and high quality of life promise a bright present – and future – for real estate investors.

3. Phoenix when it comes to return on investment, this market won’t quit. Not only does Phoenix continue to attract dozens of Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies, but the ratio of affordability to rental income potential is one of the best in the country, and quite consistently. Did we mention it’s the 5th largest metro area in the United States, and that it’s sunny year-round?!

4. Indianapolis Combine a low cost of living, a bunch of the top sports franchises, ever-increasing recommendations by Forbes magazine and increasing employer presence… this is the gold mine that is Indianapolis. When a city in the Midwest manages to lead job growth nationwide in the midst of a massive economic recession, you should take notice if you are ready to buy income properties.

5. St. Louis Home to very proud residents that welcome a surprising amount of tourism and visitors each year, this river city keeps on impressing investors. With a ton of top American corporate headquarters and a wide variety of healthy industries from manufacturing to high-tech, this jewel of Missouri just won’t quit. Check out her ambitious sister town listed below…

6. St. Robert Perhaps the less famous Saint of Missouri, but the often unrecognized leader of regional commerce in this part of the country. Located just off Interstate 44 and supported in part by Fort Leonard Wood, the local military base, St. Robert has one of the highest predicted growth rates in coming years for American jobs.

7. Denver the high city first made famous during and after the gold rush and push West, this darling in the Colorado mountains continues to attract adventurers, transplants, and business investors. Named the 2nd best place to live by Sperling due in part to its year-round entertainment and activities nearby, it also keeps impressing Forbes (among others) as a promising investment market. Pair well-run local government with ambitious infrastructure projects and rapid private-sector growth, and you have a quick idea of the massive potential that Denver has to offer.

8. Columbus Often overlooked due to the flighty reputation of other cities in Ohio, this classy town not only weathered the financial crisis with ease but also maintains top educational rankings across the board compared to other American cities. The business climate here is also attractive to top American investment firms and it’s economic impact continues to grow in part because of it.

9. Austin Among the generally impressive growth that Texas has showed in recent years both culturally and economically is Austin, the sweetheart town of the Lone Star State (Houston is also worth mentioning). Fast becoming home to music and youth trends such as the South by Southwest annual festival, Austin’s government practices and business market keep on accelerating along the path of success.

10. Columbia One among other upcoming markets in South Carolina (along with Beaufort), this nice little city was named 6th on the US News list of most affordable places to retire in America. This state capitol and business center of South Carolina is a market worthy of any savvy investor’s attention not only now, but also for years to come.

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